Your Baby Sits Without Support On The Floor

Your Baby Sits Without Support On The Floor
8m to 11m
Gross motor

At this amazing point of time you will notice that your baby sits without support on the floor for sometime, without much help. It is another big milestone that your baby is achieving progressively. Your tiny bundle of joy is 8 months old and he’s now ready to sit and play with you.

Your baby sits without support: What you need to know 

At the initial stages, you helped your baby to sit with support. By now, your baby urges to sit on his own by trying to put his body pressure on his hands, just to sit erect. Your sweetie pie will start leaning forward on both his hands. You will be happy to see his active independent head movements, which he makes while sitting. You will also notice your baby sits with feet together as he masters this skill.

From development prospective you should keep in mind that by this time more opportunity should be given to your baby to sit on his own rather than supporting them with some babysitting equipment. As the more number of error and trial by baby for sitting, will give him neck and back muscle core strength which basically leads to posture stability. So for now just relax and sit back with your kid and build a toy tower with him and cherish these moments of parenthood of your life and preserve it forever.

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