Your Child Can Now Slide Toys/Objects On The Floor

Your Child Can Now Slide Toys/Objects On The Floor
8m to 11m
Gross Motor
Gross motor
In the first 10 months, your baby will learn to lift his head, roll over, sit, crawl, stand and walk. Play is the natural way by which he will learn, and it is one of the best ways to get your baby moving. Around this age, your baby is getting better at controlling his movements. Your baby will start reaching and grasping if you dangle a toy in-front of him. You will need to look into making your home safe, in case he moves toward something dangerous. As a matter of fact, he can also slide his toys and other objects on the floor.
What you can do
Games that gets your baby moving, like playing on the floor helps your baby strengthen neck muscles to hold his head up and move it around. Practice basic skills like reaching and grasping. Building muscles for movements like rolling, crawling and pulling to stand- these movements help your baby learn to walk when he is older.
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