Your Child Can Now Take Objects Out Of Containers

Your Child Can Now Take Objects Out Of Containers
8m to 11m
Fine Motor
At the stage of 6-9 months your child is acquiring the habits of a grown up. He can sit, grab things and can take out objects out of the their containers. He is playing with everything around him.
What you need to know 
Your kiddo is growing. He is now inquisitive about everything near him. He can sit straight, hold bigger things in his hands. He can put fingers into the holes of objects or anything that interests him. He plays with everything near him. He crawls and reaches out for objects. He watches you and tries to imitate you.There is a coordination of eyes, hands and legs. He also swaps small objects from one hand to another. He puts things out of the container and plays with it. He will also put everything into his mouth to feel the object. So it very important that you are always near your kiddo at this point to assure his safety and help him learn. 
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