Your Child Is Able To Coo-Babble A Lot When Spoken To

Your Child Is Able To Coo-Babble A Lot When Spoken To

At this age, your child is in a developmental stage. He develops some communicating skills. His first mode of communication is always crying. These are the first ever of its kind. Your child has started to recognize your sound. He is responding to sounds and tries to identify their sources. He loves to talk to you and responds with some strange sounds of cooing and babblings like 'ahh', 'ohh', 'eyy', etc. By this time, he has become an active listener. Everything is registering in his mind. Be very calm when you are talking to him.
What you need to know
Whenever he hears any sound and understands it is for him, he responds back. Your grins will be very encouraging for him. He tries to imitate sounds and practices moving his tongue. Thus your child has taken his first steps to speech and sound. This development is a matter of great joy for parents. Enjoy every moment as these are rare and cherishable.

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