Your Child is Likely to be 'Peter, the Repeater!'

Your Child is Likely to be 'Peter, the Repeater!'

Yes, your child at this stage is indeed Peter, the repeater. She loves parroting every word and action of yours and finds it absolutely entertaining! Unfortunately, this doesn’t fade away until she hits the two years mark, sometimes even more!

This happens because repetition ensures her that some things will remain constant even when her development is skyrocketing!

What you need to know

If you sing “twinkle-twinkle” by the moonlight, she will begin expecting this every night and express consistent delight each time you do it. This may eventually develop into a routine, just how meal and nap times are.

Recall how going over your multiplication tables over and over helped you remember and internalise them? Repeating everyday things such as people’s names, names of objects, and nursery rhymes are all ways to make her learn.

So repeat everything that you want her to remember.

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