Your Child is Likely to Face Constipation at This Stage

Your Child is Likely to Face Constipation at This Stage
9m to 1y

Your baby's growing appetite is a good sign but at this stage, he is also likely to face the problem of constipation sooner or later. Constipation and babies kind of go hand in hand. It is common and in most cases there is nothing much to worry about. Few bouts, some alterations in food and increase in fluid , and your baby is back on track. However, there may be few instances when constipation becomes a matter of concern. Understand when you need to worry about your baby's constipation.

What you need to know

Watch out if your child is horribly in discomfort during passing motion. If your baby cries, gets sweaty and crank every time he poops, please see a doctor and fix the issue. If there is blood in the stool, it needs immediate attention. With constipation blood in the stool is fairly common. But, it does need attention and treatment at the earliest.

If your child shows gross sign of discomfort like excessive bloating, loss of appetite, stomach pain, vomiting etc. along with constipation, take it as an indication that your baby needs some medical help to fix the issue. After all the natural remedies still if your child still passes hard stool after every 3-4 days, check with your doctor.

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