Your Baby Keeps Fisted Hands Near Face While Lying On Her Back

You must have noticed that your baby keeps fists tight and places them by her shoulders when lying. This is the normal resting position for most babies. As your baby is still very small she can’t do much. Finger and hand movement require a lot of muscular and cognitive development that will happen over time. Your Baby Keeps Fisted Hands Near Face While Lying On Her Back

Your baby keeps fists clenched: What you need to know

Babies usually start to unclench their fists around 8 weeks of age and will then start moving their hands. Your baby keeps hands fisted while resting on her back. By the age of about 3-4 months your baby will start to reach and grab things with outstretched fingers. If your baby still shows tendency to keep tight fists even after 3 months of age then you should check with her doctor. You will also notice your baby putting her fists in her mouth.




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