Your Child Is Likely To Observe The Object As It Falls To The Ground

Your little baby will become more alert as he reaches the age of 5 months. You will notice that his eyes are quite active and are vulnerable to even the slightest of changes in his surroundings. When a ball or a toy falls to the ground, your baby would track its full motion. This is an excellent observational trait that must be admired by you and other family members. Your Child Is Likely To Observe The Object As It Falls To The Ground

What you need to know Do not grow hard on your baby for making him learn new things. His mental abilities will refine with time; so as parents you need act as a teacher to help him achieve various milestones through practice. Take a soft ball and drop it to the ground. Observe how your little one tracks its motion. Move the ball in different directions to check how your baby still keeps his eyes on it.

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