Your Child May Now Vocalize To Music

Your Child May Now Vocalize To Music
9m to 1y
At this stage, your little one might start setting a goal and might work in the same direction. This means you can watch your kiddo locking his eyes on a ball or any toy or anything on the shelf and start crawling and shuffling his bum towards that thing. This is also the perfect phase to introduce some interesting games as Hide and Seek. Your sweetie pie is about to become 1-year- old, and now it is the time when your kiddo might start enjoying the music and might shake his bum on the music. He might also vocalize to music as well.
What you need to know
You will notice that your little one might start responding to the music with different body movements. This means this is the age when you can actually introduce different music games like creating music with spoons, bowl or anything else in the kitchen or simply just tapping on the table. You will also notice that your kiddo might respond to you by making different sounds. It is a great way to understand that your little one is developing language skills. It is also a positive sign that your kiddo is heading towards the better physical development.
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