Your Child Now Anticipates Food For Preparation

Your Child Now Anticipates Food For Preparation
5m to 8m
When your child is nearing the 5th month mark, she might soon be ready for solids. One of the most visible signs of this is the eagerness she shows towards food. As a newborn, she would cry when she is hungry. By the fourth month, your baby might know when you are going to feed her. When you sit down and get ready to feed her, you might observe her getting excited and eager.
What you need to know
Roughly in the fifth or sixth month when your child is ready for solids, she would show a definite interest in food. She might try to reach out when she sees you eating. She might be eager to try and pick up food from your plate. There are many other signs to look out for to understand if your baby is ready to start solids.
Once you have started solids in her sixth month, she will know to anticipate mealtimes. When she sees you prepare food, she would understand that it is mealtime and would show a pronounced interest. In the next few months, you could make use of this interest she shows and start offering her finger foods. This can help her learn to self-feed. But understand that she would take time to master her pincer grasp. So mealtimes can be messy but that is all part of the learning process.