Your Child Now Attends To Music

Your Child Now Attends To Music
7m to 10m
At this age your child begins to understand different voices and sounds. So she is very attentive to music and other such similar sounds. Music has proved an effective treatment for preemies as well as healthy babies to attain a good sleep.
What you need to know
Your child finds music to be very interesting to her ears and need the urge to explain and understands everything through it. So, helping your angel understand basic lifestyle skills like brushing and all other things through music would be helpful in development of language and communicative skills. Music helps babies give a soothing feeling when they are tired, cranky or exhausted making them relaxed and help them attain their mood back.
What you can do
Help your baby by playing nursery rhymes with visuals which helps in better language,visual and communication skill development. This is a great tool to make her understand different skill of life and modern world and is the only medium to make her understand simple things of life. So, enjoy their music with yourself and enjoy this phase of parenthood like never before.
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