Your Child Now Attends To Pictures

Your Child Now Attends To Pictures
8m to 11m
At this age your child begins to understand the connection between pictures and real objects. Pictures, as they say, are a visual representation of an object in existence. The faster your baby develops the skill the smarter she would become.
What you can do
Your child if trained properly can understand different objects, especially the ones which she sees regularly. You can teach her A for an apple, B for bus, etc. and when you point to the same object in the book, try and make gestures for her to understand it better. She cannot speak, but through these gestures she will try to imitate them and make you understand that she knows what B stands for. So, understand her picture skills and help her promote her intellect level by making her read different books with pictures in them. Make her identify different fruits, vehicles and other such every day used objects which will help her attain the best home made learning school.