Your Baby Lifts His Head And Holds It

Your Baby Lifts His Head And Holds It

This is the age at which your little bundle of joy has now started developing motor skills. Your baby will lift his head at 8 weeks when lying on his tummy and can hold it for few seconds too. He can move his head in left and right direction while still on his tummy.

Your baby lifts head: What you need to know

Since your baby has now become accustomed to his new environment and surroundings, you need to be in action for the proper functioning of his muscles and strong bones. Ensure a tummy or abdomen time, i.e. the time when you need to put him upside down on his belly or tummy. The moment he will be in that position he will try to lift his head upwardly and may also hold it for sometime. This will not only strengthen his muscle and bones but helps in brain development and the spine. This also prevents from flattened head from back. when your little one is lying on his back he will tilt his head towards one side and will try to move it from left to right and vice versa. You will notice your baby lifts head from the bed in a few months from now.

Make sure whenever your baby is lying on his tummy never leave him alone. Also do not stretch the time as your baby may feel irritated. Keep on increasing the tummy time gradually. Not only this, he may throw his head in any direction at such tender age so always be very careful while holding him in your arms. The ideal way is to support the head and the neck with one hand and let the other hand hold his hips or the lower back. Your kid is way too precious for any harm to befall on him. For now support him as your baby lifts his head while on back.




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