Your Child Now Looks At Objects While Handling Them

Your Child Now Looks At Objects While Handling Them
2m to 5m
Muscle Strength
Your 3-month- old’s hand and leg movements take a leap this month. With her neck much stronger, she would also be able to hold her head steady. Her vision improves a great deal and so do her motor skills. She would start her very first stages of hand-eye coordination at this age. She would be able to hold toys. Her vision improves too.
What you need to know:
With better coordination, she would now be able to hold on to a toy when you hand her one. She might not be very accurate in her reach but in few months she will be a pro in this. She will be fascinated by the movement of her own hands and legs. Having learnt that she is able to control her limbs she will be kicking air and reaching out. You might notice her staring at her own hands. Get her some rattles. Once she grasps a toy, she might try and bring it in front of her face.
She would be fascinated not just at the toy but at her own hand that is clenched holding the toy and the way she is able to do it. You don’t even need a toy give her your fingers to hold. She will love grabbing them tight and might reach out and squeal the moment she sees you.