Your Child Now Makes A Little Mature Stepping Movements

Your Child Now Makes A Little Mature Stepping Movements
9m to 1y
Gross motor
It’s a heavenly feeling for every mom, when you see your cutie pie starts walking; you are delighted to see her little feet taking small steps. Your kiddo is 9 months by now and she is all ready to explore the world on her feet. By now your little one is very enthusiastic for standing alone and has given so many tries to walk alone where she succeeded most of the time.
What you need to know
At this point, you will notice that your baby is trying hard to maintain her body balance to walk, As now your baby is in learning phase, it will be good idea if you keep her barefoot as it will help to improve her balance and coordination. It’s better if you avoid slippery sole footwear and socks now. Also, research shows that we should avoid buying walker for kids, as it has many after effects on baby’s legs. You can motivate her to walk by kneeling down in front of her, maintaining a small distance and asking her to come to you, also you can get her a pull on toy for the same. So as of now just cherish these wonderful moments with your little one.
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