Your Child Now Needs A Proper Routine With His Growing Activities

Your Child Now Needs A Proper Routine With His Growing Activities
4m to 7m
Self Regulation

Your child has now grown 4-months of age and can use his hands and legs to move and roll. He is slowly advancing into an active infant. You as a mother need to plan a precise routine for the child so that he stays fit and healthy. Creating a routine and following it religiously is one of the best steps you can take as a parent. 

What you can do

Create a routine that will help you and your baby to have a smooth sail. Once you plan out time for you and your baby, everything else will fall into place and there will be absolute peace. The simple and effective routine for your infant would include his eating, sleeping, bathing, play and relaxation time. If you manage to maintain this routine, you will be able to nurture good and healthy habits in your child.

Eat-Play-Sleep is the perfect routine for infants. Happy baby would follow such a routine and then he would experience a peaceful mind and would stay happy. It has been observed that, babies who have a distorted routine are bound to develop mood swings. So make sure you follow this correct routine for your little angel.

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