Your Child Now Recognizes Her Bottle Visually

Your Child Now Recognizes Her Bottle Visually
3m to 6m
Eating Habit
At this stage your little one will slowly start recognizing her own feeding bottle.
Whether it is breast feed or formula, your new born needs to eat every few hours. Throughout infancy your little princess is dependent on you for her food. Right from the beginning you can help her understand learning to eat and recognize the food.
What you need to do
At this point in case of formula feed use the time spent in feeding to interact with your little one. Talk or sing for your while feeding. Use fancy colorful bottle and encourage your baby to look at it. Though babies have a very blurred vision at this stage they get attracted to certain colors. Make her feel the bottle by holding her hands on the sides pf the bottle and keeping the nipple in her mouth. This will help her understand the relation between the bottle and feeding. While preparing the formula explain all loud how you heat the water and add the formula to it. How its transferred to the bottle and goes to her mouth. This way slowly she will start reorganizing that when she is hungry formula is fed to her in the bottle. That is how she will start recoginising her own bottle visually.
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