Your Child Now Responds More To Facial Expressions

Your Child Now Responds More To Facial Expressions
6m to 9m

At this stage, your child reads your face and uses your facial expressions as a guide to her world. Most likely she now starts to discriminate between different emotional facial expressions, like happy, sad and surprised faces.Your facial signals carry a massive amount of information for your baby as well as other kids of the same age.

What you need to know

Faces are your newborn's favorite stimulus. Friendly faces make her feel warm, safe and secure while angry or unknown faces make her scared and uncomfortable. Familiar faces (parents, care taker) are important source of information for your little one as what's dangerous or safe and what's bring joy or fear.

What you need to do 

As your child is learning through your facial expressions so never over react in front of him. This might be worth keeping in mind when reacting to a spider, a curse word or an annoying relative. Your facial expressions works in tantrums too so try to keep yourself calm. When he fell down or banged his head, just give me him a cool look, he will be assured and not cry.