Your Child Now Turns To See What You Are Looking At!

Your Child Now Turns To See What You Are Looking At!
4m to 7m
At this age your baby's vision will be improved, and she will smile looking at you. She will love to hear you.
What you need to know
At this stage her sleep-wake cycles will be par with yours, her attention span is longer, and she starts to glance around the room and the surroundings. She tracks moving objects with her eyes and reaches for dangling objects. She will recognise her parents’ face even from a distance. She will make noises that are similar to vowel sounds like “ah” and “ooh”. During this period she will sleep for extended hours and this is for her developmental growth.
What you can do
Keep smiling and talking to her with the similar sounds she makes and she will respond to your smile and start talking. You will observe that she will enjoy being with you. Now she will be distracted at moving objects and noises. So it is advisable to nurse her in a quiet room. She will also love to listen to music, either sing for her some melodies or play some soft music for her.
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