Your Child Plays With Paper When Offered

Your Child Plays With Paper When Offered

At this stage, your kiddo is able to play with things around him. He also picks up papers to play when offered.
What you need to know
As a parent, play with your kiddo as much as you can .Keep things away which you think is not safe for him to play with, as he still has the tendency of putting everything in his mouth. Be around him always. He has started agile movements and tries to grab things near him. Design some games for him. He also plays with paper now. You can give him coloured papers of various shapes to play. Give these only when you are with him. Talk to him about the shapes, colours as they attract him. Do not leave any paper bit around him. He can put it into his mouth and it can choke him. Clap with him as he can also clap. He can also imitate you.




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