Your Child Shouts/Vocalizes To Gain Attention

Your Child Shouts/Vocalizes To Gain Attention
At this stage, your child has developed his communicating skills. He is now reacting to familiar faces, sounds and also tries to respond when talked with. Your child also sometimes shouts or vocalizes to gain attention.
What you need to know
Children need a lot of attention when they are growing. For them everything is new. They want you to be around. They can recognize familiar sounds. They look into the direction of the sound. Talk to your child in a calm and composed voice for he is watching you. He also tries to imitate you and gets agitated with loud and angry sounds. He also responds to his own name and tries to connect with you. He also smiles back if he recognizes your voice and affection you want to show to him. He babbles with you as a response for the conversation you have with him.
He is in a growing stage where he is attaining various developmental milestones, so be a part of it. Feed him properly, play with him, give him good sleep and understand his needs and strengthen the bond between you both.
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