Your Child Stops Doing A Task When Her Name Is Called

Your Child Stops Doing A Task When Her Name Is Called
8m to 11m
At the age of 6-9 months your child starts responding to her name. She stops all her task and pays attention to the words and sounds familiar to her. The moment you call her she will leave all her work and smile to her name or look in the direction of the sound.
What you need to know
As your child is growing she is enjoying the attention from everybody. She turns her head towards you when you call her name. She feels connected with her name. Moreover, this is the time of speech development. She recognizes familiar sounds and gets excited hearing them. For her, now communication is a two way process.
She enjoys talking to you. She responds in her own way by her own recognizable babblings. She is also able to discriminate the intensity as well as the pitch of various words. Now she distinguishes sounds with speech and listens to various conversations. She also tries to imitate the sounds you make. She also enjoys making sounds as she knows that she has made them. Thus this is the time of many behavioural changes and developments in your baby, be with her most of the time and watch the changes.
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