Your Child Will Begin To Recognize Names Of Family Members

Your Child Will Begin To Recognize Names Of Family Members
7m to 10m
At this age, your child begins recognizing family members and the way they are identified. By the time your baby is a year old, he has a special family bonding with those with whom he stays for long time.
What you need to know
While playing if you call him by his name, he will respond. Similarly when he is active and in a play mood, if you tell him to go to grandpa or grandma or mom and dad he will recognize them and will try to reach them. During this phase your little one will also learn to communicate either through words or action.
What you can do
Encourage him to use words. This is a mental development for each baby and try to encourage him to recognize distant family members by singing their names or helping him photograph and identify him. Encourage him to respond to the family members and other distant people as well. This will help sharpen his memory and increase mental development which in future would sharpen his brain.
Take this development as a learning and enjoy those moments of parenthood at its best.
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