Your Child Will Have Issues Getting Accustomed to Strangers

Your Child Will Have Issues Getting Accustomed to Strangers
5m to 8m

Your little baby has grown 5 months old and is able to recognize faces in the family. He even smiles looking at the familiar faces, which is a lovely act. But, if the child reacts in a different way when a stranger comes in front of him then do not worry because it is totally normal. Your baby is bound to react in a different way looking at strange faces. His reaction could be embarrassing, but perfectly normal. Know more !

What you need to know

Most parents are concerned about their baby’s reaction when some unknown face greets him, and you are no different. You must understand that even if your child gets scared it is not bad. It is a positive sign that the growing infant is able to differentiate faces. You can utilize this fact to test the baby’s memory. Ask one of your friends to pay a visit and stand in front of the baby. Observe how your baby reacts. The baby’s expressions would change and he might also jump and roll to express anxiety.

Take your baby for a walk to the garden and make him meet new faces. With time, the baby would start to feel relaxed while meeting new people. Most babies adapt to this situation in a quick time. This is a very good sign for mental growth.

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