Your Child Will Indulge In Unoccupied Play

Your Child Will Indulge In Unoccupied Play

Your newborn baby till the age of 1, will indulge in unoccupied play. At this stage, he has little or no verbal communication skills to interact effectively with others in a social setting. Therefore, he plays by making random movements or just by standing in one place, making random gestures. Sometimes, it doesn’t even look like he is playing because he seems to be lost in his own world.

What you need to know:

You can use these moments to provide some kind of stimulation to your child for brain development. Play lively music in the background or let your child watch nursery rhymes on television. Put up different colors and patterns on the walls of your house for your child to look at. Provide him with toys with different textures to explore. Keep in mind that unoccupied play is not very usual for your baby beyond the age of 1. In case, you find that your child is disinterested in exploring his surroundings or playing with toys, inform your health practitioner. Unoccupied play beyond an age may indicate developmental disabilities.

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