Your Child Will Keenly Watch Others' Mouth & Eyes As They Speak

Your Child Will Keenly Watch Others' Mouth & Eyes As They Speak
3m to 6m
At this stage, your kiddo has started observing other’s mouth and eyes when they are speaking. She plays with her limbs and recognizes things and people around her.
What you need to know 
Your kiddo’s vision is slowly developing. She can now gaze objects and its movements. Her hands and eyes start coordinating together. As a result, she is now attracted towards moving things; be it objects or living beings. She will try to touch these objects. Your baby's visual attention is enhanced towards other’s faces, hands and eyes when they are talking. The visionary span for her is around 8-10 inches. By now she opens and closes her fist more often. She joins both her hands and plays with them. She also sucks them while playing. She watches you while feeding and likes to get your attention. She has started recognizing things and specially her mother. She likes to get your attention and may also try to touch your face. You might even notice her making various sounds while playing. 
These changes are very interesting for you to watch. So enjoy your baby’s behavior with utmost love and affection.
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