Your Child Will Now Begin To Imitate Sounds

Your Child Will Now Begin To Imitate Sounds
6m to 9m

At this stage, your baby will begin to experiment with the sounds they can make with their mouths, lips and tongue. Now, your bundle of joy will spend more time in babbling and is learning to imitate sounds. These are your baby's early attempts at speaking.

What you need to know

In infants, language development is strongly influenced by the language they hear around them. If your little one is more exposed to language, the more opportunities he'll have to practice his developing communication skills. Your baby will also use sounds (other than crying) to get your attention and express the feelings.

What you need to do

It is very important to interact with your child regularly by speaking with and reading to him whenever possible. You will notice that he enjoys vocal games and interactions; encourage him as much as possible. Your baby will be thrilled when you copy his coos and babbles. Imitate your baby's "bah" and "ah-goo," then follow up by saying some simple words that contain the same sound.

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