Your Baby Crawls On Her Belly With Ease

Your Baby Crawls On Her Belly With Ease
6m to 9m

Crawling is one of the major physical milestones. Roughly between the sixth to the tenth month, your baby starts crawling. Some babies skip crawling altogether and directly start walking. This is the time when during your baby’s tummy time you might notice her start wiggling forward few steps.

Your baby crawls: What you need to do

Give your baby a plenty of tummy time. This helps your kid confidently try to roll, crawl and sit. Before your baby starts actually crawling he would be doing the belly crawl. If you lay her down on her tummy you will notice your baby baby crawls with head on the floor, keep motivating her to crawl better. 

Some start early but on an average by around the seventh month, you might start noticing your baby rock back and forth and try to get up on all fours. This is roughly when she might start what is called as a “combat crawl” or crawling on her tummy. When your baby starts combat crawling, clear out all unwanted furniture. Give her a lot of floor time. Firm floors are easy for her to practice her crawling skills. You may notice your baby crawls backwards too, it is normal for some babies to do so. Place a soft play mat you could use a knee cap if required to protect those tender knees. Place her toys in different corners of her play area to encourage her to crawl and go get them. In days, you might notice her try to pull himself up on all fours and start crawling. 

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