Your Child Will Now Display Traits Of Either A Fussy Eater Or A Foodie

Your little cutie pie is surprising you everyday with new characteristics. The time has finally arrived when he will start to show in full swing whether he is a food lover or a fussy eater! Does your chubby little darling appear to adore his food? Or does he purse his lips as you bring a spoonful of food near his mouth? Well, both these categories exist!

What you need to know

Your Child Will Now Display Traits Of Either A Fussy Eater Or A Foodie

If your baby loves food, he might keep looking out for chances to beguile you into giving him a chocolate cookie with his cajoling little eyes. As long as your baby’s bowel movements are okay, you can give your baby his favourite food in limited amounts. On the other hand, fussy eaters can be cajoled into eating too. If your baby doesn’t like the taste of a certain food, don’t push it. After a few weeks, feed it to him again; he might actually like it. Give your baby finger food, so that he can pick it up and eat it by himself. This is one of the fun ways of eating.

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