Your Child Will Now Laugh Out Loud When Tickled

Your Child Will Now Laugh Out Loud When Tickled
2m to 5m
Non-verbal cues
Your 3-month-old is growing rapidly physically and mentally. You see her surprise you with a lot of new antics each day. It is roughly the time when most babies begin to laugh out loud. So you can have some tickle time with your little one.
What you need to know:
From the day your child is born, you might have noticed few sudden involuntary smiles. But roughly in the second month, your child learns to respond and she will soon surprise you with her smiles in response when you talk to her. With improved vision, she would also be able to recognize faces better. But the third month is even more adorable. This is when your baby would learn to laugh out loud.
You can enjoy play time with her gently tickling her and be surprised with squeals of laughter from your tiny one. But keep it gentle and for short periods. Laugh with your baby. She would be more responsive from this month and might talk back to you with her coos and giggles. She might laugh for tickles, funny noises and even when you make a funny face. The more time you spend playing with your baby, the more you talk with her from this month onwards, the better will be the development of her overall communication skills. So get ready to get your heart melted.