Your Child Will Now Look At Your Face For Approval

Your Child Will Now Look At Your Face For Approval
9m to 1y
From her birth, your baby loves having her mother around. Your baby would get excited the moment she sees you. The way she expresses her cues and excitement might vary with age. Once her vision improves, once she is able to clearly recognize your face from a reasonable distance away, she would start noticing your expressions. By around her 9th month, she would understand your facial expressions and look up to you for your approval and your reaction.
What you need to know
Though not fully a master in understanding your expressions, your 9 month old might start recognizing from your face if you are not happy with what she is doing. This would also help her understand what is forbidden. She will however not remember the learning for long. But soon that will happen too. So do not lose your patience if you catch her repeatedly doing what you forbid her from.
She is just beginning to understand the concept of “no”. She would be looking up to you to approve or disapprove of her actions. Slowly down the lane, these tiny bits of information she gathers would help her correct her behavior. She would also start comprehending facial expressions more accurately and this would also help improve her social skills. Few months later, from the stage of doing funny faces to make her laugh, you might notice her start doing things to make you laugh.
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