Your Child Will Now Often Bring Feet To Mouth To Suck

Your Child Will Now Often Bring Feet To Mouth To Suck
3m to 6m
Gross motor
By the 4th month, your baby who could merely lie down and cry in her first months now can steadily hold her head, grab toys when you hand them to her and wave her arms and legs. With so many developments in her coordination of her limbs, it is such a sight to watch her grow. You might even catch her sucking her toes.
What you need to know
By the third month, she would stare at her hands and hold her toys in front of her face and stare at them in awe. She is all eager and tries to reach out to anything and everything nearby. By the time she reaches her half year mark, she might be an expert in her grabbing skills and that might be the time for you to be more stringent in baby proofing your house. By the 4 th month, once she brings the toy to her face and stares at them she would next start putting them in her mouth.
After her eyes, and hands explore, it is her mouth’s turn. For babies who might start cutting their first teeth, this might be even more pronounced. Even otherwise, your baby who puts everything in her mouth would start reaching out to her feet. If there is no toy around, she might grab her toes and put them in her mouth and happily suck on them. It is alright to let her do it once in a while, but a better option is to get her some teething toys to explore.
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