Your Child Will Now Use Pincer Grasp Better

Your Child Will Now Use Pincer Grasp Better
9m to 1y
Fine Motor
Gross Motor
Grasping is something your baby can do right from the beginning. But picking up objects by himself might take some time. In between seven to nine months, he might be able to scoop objects using his hand. By 8 to 12 months, he hones this skill and works on his pincer grasp. That is when he would be able to pick up smaller objects.
What you need to know
Pincer grasp is one of the most important fine motor milestones to look out for. He would work on improving the dexterity in controlling his fingers more efficiently. He will start out by picking up relatively larger objects. He might be exercising this even during the feeding time by picking up food from his plate. Once he starts working on his pincer grasp he would be able to pick up smaller objects with his thumb and forefinger. 
What you need to do
Remember that he would be interested in exploring everything with his mouth. And objects that he can pick up with his thumb and forefingers are choking hazards. So keep smaller objects out of his reach. Help him exercise his pincer grasp by offering him smaller finger foods to pick up. Give him a busy board or sensory board to explore and use his pincer grasp more.
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