Your Child Will Recognize Familiar People & Objects From A Distance

Trust your baby as he would soon develop a sharp memory after crossing the age bar of 6 months. This is the correct age when he would learn to memorize familiar faces. Most often, babies are easily able to recognize parents even from a distance when they reach this point of the stage in their life. Moreover, after a point of time your junior would also spot his favorite toy that is placed slightly far from his location. Your Child Will Recognize Familiar People & Objects From A Distance

What you need to know

As parents, you need to check your toddler’s memory skills on a frequent basis. Stand at a farther distance and wait for your little one to observe your presence and respond. You can also ask other members in the family who are known to the baby to try out a similar test. Diet is another factor which is important for keeping your baby’s mental health more active.

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