Your Child Will Slowly begin Vocalizing And Smiling More

Your Child Will Slowly begin Vocalizing And Smiling More
3m to 6m
Around this time, you will be probably get to see your baby’s smile even though it may not be perfect. It is sign of his development and also shows that his vision has improved and he is able to recognize your face.
What you need to know
At this point your baby will cry less and spend more time awake. He will be interested in what is going on around him and enjoy looking at faces and hearing your voice. You will be happy to see that when hearing your voice your baby will turn towards you and give you a great grin. As your baby gets more smiling practice by seeing yours and others' reaction, he may start cooing and make baby sounds. He will use his tongue, lips and palate to make gurgle, oohs and aahs.
If your baby has still not started to smile, you can do things that may encourage him. Talk to him often, smile at him throughout, make funny noises, imitate animal sounds or play peek-a- boo. But take care not to over do it. He may not smile every time you want him to smile. Give your baby a breather and try later.