Your Child Will Slowly Coordinate Sucking, Swallowing And Breathing

Your Child Will Slowly Coordinate Sucking, Swallowing And Breathing
3m to 6m
Eating Habit
As a newborn who was finding it difficult to latch on and drink milk, you will be thrilled to see your baby settling into definite pattern of feeding by this time.
What you need to know
Generally babies have a strong sucking reflex that helps them to suck and swallow. At this stage your baby will start coordinating the actions while taking the feed. He will coordinate his breathing with sucking and swallowing. Getting a good latch, see and hear your baby swallowing while feeding, his jaw moving, being calm and relaxed after the feed and sleeping for longer time are all signs that shows your baby is taking milk. If you feel that your baby’s nose is getting blocked while taking feed then you can gently press your breast near the baby’s nose and bring his lower body closer towards you until his nose lifts a little bit off your breast.
Some babies take a while to learn how to attach and feed effectively, others may find it difficult. As you practice each day you will see that your baby will help you by getting into the position more easily.
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