Your Child Will Slowly Move His Hips And Draw The Knees

Now is the time when your baby has already started to develop many motor skills. Your new born still a few months old and involuntarily begins to move his hips and draw up his knees under his tummy as he is still in the process of adjusting into the new environment.

What you need to nnowYour Child Will Slowly Move His Hips And Draw The Knees

At this stage, when your baby will try making movements you need to first understand his body structure i.e. his bones and muscles. Your kid will most of the time sleep during this period and when he is awake he will be making movements. You must make most of this time as it is a memory to cherish forever but keep in mind that your baby is too gentle and due to these movements he gets easily tired so you must massage him everyday so as to ease and relax his muscles. Your kid will be happy and active throughout the day.




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