Your Child Will Start Giving Prolonged Stares And Gazes

Your Child Will Start Giving Prolonged Stares And Gazes
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By two months, your child starts looking at you and tries to make eye contact. Making eye contact is very important as this shows that your baby is trying to recognize you through those prolonged gazes.
What you need to know
He will fix his eyes on you when you talk to him or smile at him and your child will respond by fixing his gaze and smiling back. He might move his legs and arms in excitement as he will be happy to see you around.
What you can do
As your child progresses in the third month, he will develop his skills of communicating with you through smile and few words that he mumbles. Make this conversation more exciting by taking a soft toy and moving it in front of his eyes. He would love to grab the soft toys and make every effort to do that.
Your child will start recognizing your eyes and voice too at this stage. If your child does not respond to the voice or gaze you for long then there might be a problem. Do consult a child specialist once if you think that your child is not responding you back by smiling at you or fixing his gaze at you.