Your Child Will Stop Crying When Picked Up

Your Child Will Stop Crying When Picked Up
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Your child at this stage loves to cuddle up with you and feels safe when picked up in arms. In fact, if she is being cranky and crying out loud, chances are that she will stop crying right after you pick her up and cuddle her. That's the emotional connection she has with you and your embrace. But do not make it a habit to pick your baby in the arms the moment she cries.
What you need to know
Sometimes she might crave for touch and warmth more. This is the reason she might cry so much when she is laid on the bed. Sometimes she might even cry while lying on her cot because she might feel uncomfortable in that position or she does not like the temperature of that room.
What you can do
Try to know the reason behind your baby’s bad mood or it is just an emotional need to be picked up in arms. May be when your baby is hungry or sleepy, she might cry when being laid on the bed. Just try to soothe your baby by understanding what she wants. You can also talk to her and weave stories for her whey she is lying on the bed so that she will remain occupied. Start by placing your baby on the bed for 5 minutes and then gradually increase the time. You might pick her up when she has been crying for some time as then the sense of love and safety comes in her when being held.
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