Your Baby Naps More Frequently Now

Your Baby Naps More Frequently Now
1m to 4m
At this point your baby’s naps are evolving but are not fully established. While some babies won’t have routine, some may fall into a pattern. Your baby will now be taking naps way more frequently.

Your baby's nap by age: What you need to know

Your baby will sleep generally sleep for 15-17 hours by this point. Your baby might have 2-4 naps during the day lasting anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hour each. There is a longer stretch at night of about 8.5 to 10 hours. Your baby's nap time will vary from other babies, but you can focus on establishing a good sleeping habit and improve the duration and quality of sleep. If your baby's naps are inconsistent, try to include a bedtime routine.
Read a book, sing a lullaby, cuddle and kiss goodnight. When he is alert and awake during the day, interact and play with him. At night don’t indulge in too much of play. Also look for signs that your baby is tired like rubbing his eyes or being fussier. Then feed him and put him to sleep. As sleep pattern varies from one baby to another, don’t compare your baby with another one. Be patient and just remember that as time goes it will become better. 
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