Your Child's a Prankster Now- But Should You Be Worried?

Your Child's a Prankster Now- But Should You Be Worried?
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Now that he can walk, run around, and create a mess, your little party animal is well on his way to become a prankster. He loves to throw things around and his joy knows no bounds when his pranks are successful. But this phase also has a set of risks, since your kiddo may often end up hurting himself in the process.

What you need to know

Tooth accidents at this stage are pretty common. This may be due to aggressive biting or excessive running around. Don’t worry as they are just his milk teeth and will eventually fall out. Watch out for any sharp edges on the broken tooth, as these might cause your little one injuries, especially inside his mouth.

Keep monitoring your baby’s tooth and look for signs of infection, pink spots between their gums, or any shift in the position of their teeth. If you notice any of these, call your dentist immediately. Give your baby something chilled, like a fruit juice to relieve the pain. You can’t protect your baby from all mishaps but you sure can take some precautions. If you decide to take your baby out on a car drive, buckle them in properly and keep all cabinets locked. Lastly, have you baby proofed all parts of your house?

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