Your Baby's Auditory Skills Are Already Developing

Your baby's auditory development is enhancing. She needs to hear many clear and clean sounds. Lot of talking, listening to nursery rhymes, soothing classical music, lullaby, soft voices of family members, environmental sounds, reading small stories are all good sources of stimulating inputs.

Your baby's auditory development: What you need to know

Your Baby's Auditory Skills Are Already Developing

Many children till 2 years get ear infections, cold, allegies etc. This can cause speech delay and limit communication development as the hearing gets affected temporarily. Allergy related issues can be minimized to a great extent by eliminating allergy related foods. Your baby's auditory cortex start developing at infancy itself, as your baby's auditory skills improve, she will get better with language. In the years to come, she will be good with phonics, reasoning, socializing and emerge to being a confident child.

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