Your Child's Growing Mind- Does He Dream ?

Your Child's Growing Mind- Does He Dream ?
7m to 10m
Non-verbal cues

Now that your little bundle of joy is inching half a year mark, there are several things that will cross your mind. Seeing your child peacefully is a treat in itself. But, during those peaceful sleep hours wen you witness your baby smiling, grunting and putting various expressions, you are obviously left to wonder- what my baby is dreaming about? Well, babies dream or not is something that has been debated in various platforms.

What you need to know

Our sleep is divided in to parts- Active dream/ REM and Deep sleep. Most of the dreaming activity take place during the REM hours of the sleep. It is said that a child sleeps 50% in REM than adults. So chances are more that babies dream a lot. However, that may not be really the case. Your baby has still not developed any language and does not have a surrounding that will influence his mind. So, you baby's dream will be just few images and no language.

Psychologists point to the fact that until 2-3 years of age, a child does not have any dreams per say. They are just few imaginary images of toys, faces of parents or siblings that might cross his mind during sleep. Your baby thus is unlikely to have nightmares too. The smiles and grunts of your baby are not associated with your baby's dreams.