Your Child's Growing Movements Now Call For Some Safety Measures

Your Child's Growing Movements Now Call For Some Safety Measures
Muscle Strength

By now, your little one starts to grab objects, mouth them, crawl, and roll. Overprotection is a secondary nature to parents, and very credibly so. Your little one is a crawling, babbling hazard machine and it is crucial that you keep an eye out for him at all times. Six months marks the beginning of a lifelong active phase. 

What you need to know

A baby is always a bundle of joy for every family. Protecting this tiny, delicate, naughty bundle is another huge responsibility for a parent and it is important that you are always on alert. By now your little one must be quite active, he may choose to crawl about, roll around, or even shuffle on his bottoms!

Scan the area once and check if your little one is truly safe here. Furniture, sharp edges, staircases, doors without stoppers, open plug points, sockets, gadgets, safety pins, rubber bands, marbles, coins, beads, kitchen gadgets, and appliances are commonly seen threats for your baby.

Dangers could also come through your loving guests who could unwittingly offer something to your child that is hazardous or offer cosmetics, key chains, etc, to play around with. Your child is precious and hence only you can take the best efforts to ensure his safety.