Your Child's Movements Are Now Accelerating- But Is Baby Walker A Good Choice?

Your baby's movements at this stage are more leveled up and they are super agile. Although they are not fully able to walk, they are totally enthusiastic about moving here and there. It might be tempting to consider a baby walker for your little one. But does she really need it?

What you need to know

A baby walker is nothing but a harness with a baby seat and wheels for legs. This allows easy gliding across the room. At first sight, it might seem exciting to watch her moving about and give you a much needed break but experts believe that these gadgets do more harm than good. 

Your Child's Movements Are Now Accelerating- But Is Baby Walker A Good Choice?

Your baby might involve herself in dangerous trip-overs, especially when the floor is uneven. It might not be fun when she “walks” down a flight of staircase with uncontrollable speed.

Scooting in a walker pushes your little one to walk on her heel and toes, which is a great idea for a ballerina, but not normal kids. It’s best that you get the walker out after she gains some leg control.




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