Your Baby's Responding Skills Are Flourishing

Your Baby's Responding Skills Are Flourishing
1m to 4m

At over 6 weeks, you are in for a surprise. Watch how your baby's responding to sound! She will slowly respond to sounds around her. She should be able to identify your voice and react accordingly.

Your baby's responding to music: What you need to know

Sounds of your songs that you have been singing to her, sound of the door bell, sound from the radio and sound from her toys will be close to heart. She will recognize and will show her pleasure with kicks and giggles. At the same time, your baby resoponds to noise, any loud and unpleasant sound will scare her a lot. She is more receptive and immensely reactive. You will soon notice your baby responding to her name. 

So, be careful with her and her surrounding. Ensure that your little one is surrounded by soothing sound, and nothing scares her. Fill her space with beautiful music. This also helps in calming down and gives a good sleep to the baby.