Your Child's Sensitivity is Piquing Now and She's Becoming More Aware

Your baby at this stage will begin to feel her world around you. This is an interesting phase in your little one's life and as a parent you will feel more and more gratifying at your own creation.

What you need to know

Your Child's Sensitivity is Piquing Now and She's Becoming More Aware

Your baby is more aware now. She knows you by face even though she is still little uncomfortable in the company of strangers. She will be more expressive too. With smiles and kicks, she will tell the world what she feels. At the same time, your baby will react with a soft whimpering or a loud cry when things are not her way.

Well, this is a great sign of positive mental and behavioral development. Talk to your baby as much as possible. At any point, communication is the key. And, rest enjoy your new found love of life in all the possible ways!

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