Your Child's Speech-Says Da-Da, Ducky And Doggy, But Not Mamma!

Your Child's Speech-Says Da-Da, Ducky And Doggy, But Not Mamma!
Verbal language

Your child is all about uttering some incoherent sounds at this stage. He may say some stuff like "ducky" or "doggy" but calling you "mamma" seems a little distant, isn't it? Yes, it’s hard to accept. But your baby may take a while to learn to say "mamma". The word may be quite lost between the flurry of the Ducky and Doggy and everything else. 

What you need to know

Baby’s first sounds depend on words that have an easy pronunciation. Your baby’s first words are often going to be centred around whatever is easier for your baby to say. For example, your baby will find it easier to say the ‘da’ sound than the ‘ma’. So words such as da-da, ducky, dot and doggy top the charts. Your baby will next master surprise sounds such as, no, ouch, hot, and oh!

Help your baby learn words by repeating sounds slowly. Show tongue and mouth movements. Your baby has been listening intently to all that you say since birth. But it has been a jumble of sounds and that makes no sense. Demonstrate the meaning of the word to get it across.

Talk to your baby as you move around doing things. Explain what you are doing, verbally and non-verbally, such as, folding a sheet and pointing to the sheet or washing dishes and pointing to the dishes, or cooking and pointing to the stove. This will boost your baby's learning and communication skills.