Your Baby Holds A Toy For A Few Seconds

Your Baby Holds A Toy For A Few Seconds
Eye-Hand movement

At this stage, your baby starts holding toys with her hands. You need to understand your little baby’s capabilities using a patient outlook. Check for your baby’s hand movements and whether she is able to hold objects using her fingers. Muscle control doesn’t come at once; your princess would develop this skill with practice. You need to select objects that are soft and light-weight so that your baby doesn’t face difficulty in holding them for a longer duration.

Your baby holds toys: What you need to know

A healthy diet is also important to offer sufficient energy to your baby to hold toys in hands and perform basic physical tasks. By the time she reaches the age group of 4-5 months, you can prefer sponge balls which are perfect for testing your baby’s hand grip. Later, you will notice your baby holding two toys in each of her hands.