Your Cutie May Be Wailing Too Often- Is 'Stress' Anywhere in the Picture?

Your little one is going through a plethora of changes, some positive, some negative, and some slightly tricky. Has your little one been wailing too much off late? Does she pull her hair or suck her thumb? Has she been grinding her teeth when asleep? Chances are that she is expressing some acute stress and is using these actions to express or cope with it.

What you need to know

Your Cutie May Be Wailing Too Often- Is 'Stress' Anywhere in the Picture?

In most cases, her stress is probably a reflection of yours. Are you trying too hard to be a good parent, a good spouse, and a good employee?  Maybe it’s time to sit back and relax a bit; you’re trying too hard. Give her more attention and plan out a schedule, better time management will give both of you a break.

Keep her active throughout the day by including various physical activities, this might tire her out and ensure a good night’s sleep without the teeth grinding. Her coping strategies depends on yours, try and deal with stress positively so she can learn the same from you.




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